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100 Bible Personalities…

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By Raymond L Ticknor

“The story of the Bible is told through the Bible personalities who lived it.  The 60 Old Testament and the 40 New Testament personalities are listed more or less chronologically to give continuity to this story.”   RLT

Write down two (2) correct answers for each personality.  Correct  answers are found on the contact  page

41.  Nathan      II Sam.  12: 1-10,  Num.  12: 1-6

         a   made Zedekiah  puppet king of Judah

          b   rebuked David about his affair

          c   fought the Midianites

          d   assisted in making Solomon king

          e   wife lied to him about Joseph

42.    Solomon    I Kings   3: 3-14     6:  1-10

          a   sought David’s life

          b   built the temple

          c    asked God for wisdom to rule

          d   earthquakes occurred during his reign

           e   mother was Rachel

43.      Rehoboam   I Kings  12: 6-19       14; 21-24

           a   falsely accused and imprisoned

           b   priest, prophet and preacher

           c   people rebelled due to harsh words

           d   also called Jerubbaal

           e   encouraged people to worship false gods

44.      Joash (Jehoash)   ii Cron. 24: 1-7

            a    boy-king, started reign at age 7   

           b    founder of a priestly order

           c   restored the temple

           d   successer to  David

           e.   Third son of Jacob and Leah

           d   killed by jealous Joab

           e   mother promised him to priesthood


Permission to use given by Raymond Ticknor

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