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100 Bible Personalities…

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By Raymond L Ticknor

“The story of the Bible is told through the Bible personalities who lived it.  The 60 Old Testament and the 40 New Testament personalities are listed more or less chronologically to give continuity to this story.”   RLT

Write down two (2) correct answers for each personality.  Correct  answers are found on the contact  page

97.   Agrippa    Acts  25:  13 to  26:  32

          a  Tetrarch of Galilee

          b  Governor of Judea

          c   concurred in Paul’s appeal to Rome

         d   thought Paul was trying to make him a Christian

          e   after his call, gave a great feast

98.   Onesimus  Philemon 1

          a   occasion of a letter to Philemon          

         b  brought back to life by Jesus

         c   an earthquake opened his jail cell

         d   a slave who became a Christian

          e   small in stature

99.   Timothy  1 Tim  1:  18-20,  4:  11-16

           a   nick-named the ‘rock’

           b   like a son to Paul

           c   Paul told, “Let no one despise your youth”

           d   Peter baptized him

           e   son of Timaeus

100.   Titus   Titus  1:  1-5,   II Cor.  7:  5-7,  8:  1-24

            a   also called Levi

           b     Paul wrote his master a letter

           c     left in charge at Crete

           d   son of Zebedee

           e.  Described by Paul as ‘very earnest’

  This is the last of this series.  Our thanks to Ray Ticknor for taking us through the Bible Personalities.

           d   killed by jealous Joab

           e   mother promised him to priesthood


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