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 Disciples of Christ



Our Pastor…

Skip French

Our new Pastor, Rev. Skip French comes from Berryville, AR after serving there for six years.

“What a glorious day Easter was. The weather was perfect. And the Easter celebration, as is typical, was the most well-attended worship service of the year. It was a joyous day, the air was filed with the scent of lilies and other springtime flowers. The somber liturgical colors of Lent gave way to brilliant white. Singers don their robes as they join in high praise. While the display is indeed beautiful, our spiritual focus was on the open and empty tomb where the body of Jesus once lay. We expressed our thanks for Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. He defeated death in order for us to have abundant life.

The journey from Ash Wednesday was a long one, and we have come a long way. During our forty-day Lenten journey, we did some spiritual spring cleaning. With the Spirit’s prompting we cleaned out some things that have hindered our corporate and personal relationships. We have laid to rest some weights and confessed our sins. Perhaps we fasted or, at least, practiced moderation. In essence, Lent was probably a reality check – an opportunity to reset our priorities, all the while focusing on the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Let us continue to honor God by loving one another as Christ loved us. Happy day after Easter.

Have a glorious week and I’ll see you Sunday,”