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Highland Christian Church

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Monday Musings…

Pastor Skip French


During a frightful storm in the Georgian Bay of Canada years ago, a ship was wrecked. Many perished. The mate, with six strong men and one timid girl, escaped in a boat, but the waves were high, and the craft turned over and over until, one by one the strong men lost their hold and disappeared beneath the angry billows.

The mate, however, lashed the girl to the boat, and thus she drifted to the shore where she was found, safe and unharmed. When the stalwart men went down with shrieks of despair, she alone was saved. She didn't escape by her skill or wisdom. She escaped because she was fastened firmly to that which would not sink.

In our houses of worship, we fasten ourselves firmly to that which will not sink. We find it in our unity with one another, but even more so, in our unity with God.